Spa Inn Signature Massage 

60min/$69   90min/$99

A deep and rejuvenated treatment incorporated with a type of ChiGongTuinaMassage, Shiatsu, and Swedish technique to focus on acupressure points. This deep special penetrate technique is a great cure to relieve and heal muscular aches and pains.


Relaxation Massage 

60min/$69   90min/$99

A massage delivered in a soothing style. Combine a variety of massage techniques with classic Swedish movements from gentle to firm pressure with long relaxation and gliding strokes.


Custom Massage 

60min/$69   90min/$99

Therapeutic deep massage delivered with a variety of massage techniques customized to focus on a specific area where cause the most pain and stiffness on the body. Enhance the body mobility and prevent repetitive stress injuries.


Express Massage 

30min/$40 45min/$58

A popular, 30-minute massage treatment for busy people to relieve stress in your head, neck and shoulders or foot. Providing immediate relief of one or two specific areas of tension.


Couple Massage 

60min/$135   90min/$195

Enjoy a side by side massage. A great way to introduce someone to massage or relax with a friend. A lovely way to spend an anniversary or birthday.


Four-Hand Massage 

60min/$135  90min/$195

This exclusive treatment involves two therapists working simultaneously with all 4 hands in a harmony, synchronized waves. This treatment provides more than double the results, enjoy the sensation of being pampered with this extremely relaxing treatment.


Ashiatsu Massage 

60min/$69   90min/$99

Two overhead bars to support the therapist while using their feet to deeply massage the client. This massage elongates the back muscles, deeply works the muscles, and is incredibly relaxing.


Hot Stone Massage 

60min/$85   90min/$110

A unique therapeutic massage using heated stones, warm essential oils to soothe muscles. With a special focus on acupressure points to enhance treatment and prolong health benefits.


Pregnancy Massage 

60min/$79   90min/$120

Designed to support mommy to be throughout her pregnancy. Extra care is given to those areas under the most stress as well as special attention to position and comfort.


Reflexology Massage 

60min/$65   90min/$95

The ancient oriental massage integrated into this therapeutic treatment concentrates on acupressure points to detoxify, improve organ function and promote self-healing.


Blissful Hand and Foot Rescue 


This therapeutic treatment combines the best of hands and foot massage to restore, repair and maintain cellular integrity. Foot massage is great for reducing stress, migraines, and inducing deep relaxation.



FOOT                            BODY
Scrub                 $10       GuaSha           $20 

Sugar scrub       $10       Cupping          $20

Hands paraffin $10       Hot stone       $20

Foot paraffin     $10      Scalp or foot  $20

                   *Each session included 5 minute undress


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