Body Treatment & Waxing

Therapeutic Herbal Body Bath 

30 min/$40

An infusion of herbs based on your needs. Free scalp massage is included along with this body treatment.


Oriental Body Glow 

35 min/$45

Ancient Asian-style body scrub exfoliation. This body treatment leaves your skin glowing and silky smooth.


Blissful Body Mud Wrap 

60 min/$79

A lavish sea-salt body scrub infused with herbs and essential oils. A nutrient-rich body masque is applied and rinsed. Finish with a light massage and full body hydration.


Purifying Body Wrap 

60 min/$70

This detoxifying body treatment using a heated infrared body wrap while assisting in lymphatic and circulatory stimulation.Treatment offers overall circulatory stimulation, encourages elimination of toxins, softens and smooth skin giving a total sense of well-being.


Ancient Cupping Therapy 

30 min/$40

An ancient Chinese therapy using small glass cups to stimulate acupressure points. These cups suction underlying tissues to help promote localized healing and loosen chi blockages. Treatment combines with a therapeutic massage.



30 min/$40

GuaSha is an ancient therapeutic practice that began in China centuries ago. It remains a popular practice in Asia. “Gua” means to scrape or rub. “Sha” is a reddish, elevated “millet like” skin rash. GuaSha is used for pain associated with an acute or chronic disorder. Therapeutic massage included.


             *Each session included 5 minute undress


Hair Removal

Eyebrow Wax                         $20/$35/$40 

Forehead Wax                        $20

Lip/chin/sideburns              $12/$12/$12

Under/Half/Full Arm          $20/$35/$40

Bikini                                        $25

Extended Bikini                      $35

Full Legs & Bikini                   $80

Half Legs/Full Legs               $40/$65

Brazilian                                   $65

Shoulders                                 $25

Upper/Lower/Full Back       $30/$30/$60


          *Please inquire about pricing for other areas.


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